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Eat Right Success Stories

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Read how others have used Eat Right to help achieve their weight loss goals


Marion delighted by the compliments

After seeing some holiday photos of herself looking out of shape, Marion was desperate to lose weight and get back her confidence. Now she's delighted by the compliments and the clothes she can fit into again.

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Kristine knows that less is more

A job change, a new baby and a parent passing away caused an overwhelming amount of stress in Kristine's life. Kristine found herself turning to food for comfort and a lift.

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Barbara 'eats right' to lose 1 stone 12 lbs

When Barbara registered for the Healthy Eating plan, her starting weight was 12 stone, giving her a BMI of 26, which is just outside the normal weight-for-height category. She could still fit into some of her size 14 clothes, but was bordering on a size 16 and didn't like it.

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Catherine Slater loses over 2 stone

Catherine Slater, a supply teacher from Aberdeen, is delighted to have lost over 2 stone since joining Eat right in January 2006. Her husband Moray has been highly supportive and has lost 10lbs on the cholesterol-lowering plan.

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Carole Bromley loses over 1 stone following the Healthy Eating Plan

Carole decided to shed her extra pounds after a holiday visiting her son in Australia. She realized that her weight had gradually crept up since Christmas and while she didn't obviously look overweight, she felt miserable, her confidence was low and she was concerned about her health.

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Bryan loses 4 stone for his health

Nearing retirement age Bryan looked back on his life with few regrets. His children were grown up and successful and he was happily married, life was almost perfect except for a niggling concern over his weight.

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Losing weight gave me a new lease of life

When George, 77, realised that it was becoming a struggle to complete eighteen holes on the golf course, he decided enough was enough - he needed to lose weight to boost his energy levels and improve his health.

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