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Success stories

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Marion is delighted by the compliments


After seeing some holiday photos of herself looking out of shape, Marion was desperate to lose weight and get back her confidence. She joined the Guardian Eat Right programme and lost 2 stone 11lbs and 3 dress sizes in 7 months. Now she's delighted by the compliments and the clothes she can fit into again.

Marion chats to us about the difference losing weight has made to her...

Why did you want to lose weight?

I was mortified when I saw holiday pictures. I joined Guardian Eat Right straight away, because it was inexpensive and easy to follow.

Was your weight causing you any problems?

I couldn't walk very far without becoming breathless. My knees were sore and I felt fat and unattractive. I took my car everywhere and lacked energy - basically I was constantly exhausted.

Tell us about your diet and lifestyle before you joined us?

I ate loads of convenience meals, cakes and pastries. The first week is the hardest, after that you start getting into the swing of what are good and what are 'not so good' foods. I won't call them bad foods as I believe there's no such thing as a bad food - just too much of the wrong thing.

How have your family and friends reacted to your weight loss?

Everyone comments on how great I look. They say, "Wow, you don't need to lose anymore!"

Have you enjoyed the dieting plan?

I loved the plan, it was easy to see how much I was eating and also the points made it simple to work out what foods were best for 'filling up' on.

How do you feel about reaching your weight loss goals?

I felt very proud to achieve my weight loss goal. No, it wasn't always easy and I still have all my bad habits. I just don't feed habits quite as often. I can have the best of both worlds now. I tend to gain a little over the weekend (that's the bad habits), but I always lose it again through the week - I have struck a balance now.

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