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Success stories

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Kristine knows that less is more


A job change, a new baby and a parent passing away caused an overwhelming amount of stress in Kristine′s life. Kristine found herself turning to food for comfort and a lift. Even though she had always been an active person, Kristine started to put more of an emphasis on food to boost her mood and started to gain weight. With her wedding day creeping up she decided to use it as motivation for losing weight. Kristine lost a fantastic 2 stone and dropped from a size 16 to a size 12.

Kristine tells us her story...

What made you decide to join us?

I had always been a size 12, but let go a few years ago. My dad died in 2006 and I changed my job just before and sort of gave up. I had a baby in November 2007 and put on a lot of weight over this period. I decided I′d had enough and saw an advert for Guardian Eat Right, so I went for it.

Was your weight causing you any problems?

It didn′t cause me any health problems, but I certainly felt less confident. Silly things bothered me like tying up my shoe laces or feeling uncomfortable when kneeling down in jeans. I was sporty and eating was never a problem, but after 10 years of no sport or movement my weight began to suffer. Also living in a hot country means spending most of your time in t-shirts. I couldn′t do that anymore and ended up hiding indoors and doing less, therefore I put on more weight – vicious circle.

Tell us about your diet and lifestyle before you joined us?

I ate too much. I tend to eat when sad or low, but never sweet stuff, just big portions of savoury food.

What difference has losing weight made to you?

I am a lot more confident. People have commented on how I look. I′m getting lots of compliments now. I obviously look better, walk better and don′t feel ugly.

Was there a particular aspect of the plan you found most helpful?

The meals are so tasty and easy to make. I′ve had dinner parties using them and my friends loved them. I eat less and I learnt that being out with friends doesn′t mean stuffing your face and drinking too much. I′ve always been very surprised and glad of the moral support the team gives. I loved the quick and personal replies. Recently your team helped me to change my diet due to me starting swimming again. I told my mum about you, she wasn′t keen at first, but when she started she was very impressed too.

What part, if any, has exercise played in helping you to lose weight?

I started swimming 4 months after joining and I noticed considerable loss since then.

How do you feel about reaching your weight loss goals?

My husband and I are trying to have another baby, so I must keep the weight off as my first pregnancy was difficult. I was sick for the first few months; it did help me to lose 5 kilos. I feel good about fitting into clothes that I haven′t worn for nearly 10 years. The fact that I can climb the stairs without having to stop half way is good too.

How have your family and friends reacted?

Friends have been impressed, especially with my will to not "stuff myself" when out.

Do you feel confident about maintaining your new lifestyle?

I know that I need that weekly weigh-in and a goal to make me maintain the good work. Thank goodness I′m not a smoker or chocoholic.

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