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Success stories

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Catherine Slater loses over 2 stone


Catherine Slater, a supply teacher from Aberdeen, is delighted to have lost over 2 stone since joining Eat right in January 2006. Her husband Moray has been highly supportive and has lost 10lbs on the cholesterol-lowering plan.

Catherine was 11stone and size 16 dress size. She had an underactive thyroid that made her put on weight, increased her cholesterol levels and left her feeling old, frumpy and tired. Thyroxine helped most of the symptoms but she still couldn't lose weight.

She was concerned about her high cholesterol and family medical history of heart disease, strokes and diabetes but her turning point came when she realised her father, uncle and cousin had all suffered strokes. She became determined to do all she could to avoid having the same happen to her or having to resort to multiple medication for the rest of her life.

After following Eat right's cholesterol-lowering plan for 4 months, she has never felt better at a lean and healthy 9 stone 9 lbs and a size 14. She has even bought some size 12 items, "I am so pleased at being able to buy size 12 jeans, clingy tops and sexy underwear. I have recently bought my first bikini in over 25 years.

The increased self-confidence I have gained has spread to other areas of my life, not just my appearance. The exercise I have done has made me feel strong and fit. I feel 20 years younger and have joined walking group again. I find it easier to tune in to my body now and know what it needs in terms of food and exercise."

Despite being interested in healthy eating Catherine found the Eat Right scheme made her realize that her intake of bad fat, sugar, salt was far to high and her portion control was way off track.

She found the recipes and shopping lists very helpful. The substitution facility means she didn't feel restricted and the change button was handy for using left over items from the weekly shopping list. She adds that the support groups have been great and that she feels she has made some new friends there too. Her sister and niece have been particularly encouraging and her husband loves her new figure.

The changes haven’t all been physical though. Catherine feels now that when she looks in the mirror, the person she sees is the same as person she feels inside. She feels happy in her skin and likes herself more. Her attitude to food is a healthier one now.

She still feels the urge to comfort eat from time to time but she feels she has managed to separate her emotions from her appetite and has learned to give herself healthy treats that don’t involve food.

We asked Catherine if she felt her new slimmer physique and healthy outlook was sustainable. She says "I am really confident that I will manage to stay slim and healthy this time. I am enjoying the exercise so much, it is not taking willpower to keep going, I just want to.

The support of the Eat right team as well as the member support is a great booster at difficult times".

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