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Success stories

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Bryan loses 4 stone for his health


Nearing retirement age Bryan looked back on his life with few regrets. His children were grown up and successful and he was happily married, life was almost perfect except for a niggling concern over his weight.

As Bryan aged his weight slowly crept up and he was all too aware of the links between being overweight and developing chronic conditions like Heart Disease and Diabetes. His concerns were compounded when a colleague died of Diabetes related complications.

Bryan’s own mortality stared him in the face, he realised that if he didn’t do something about his weight he could also become a victim of his size. “Of the many dire consequences of obesity, I found one possible outcome very disturbing. The loss of a friend and colleague some time ago from acute onset diabetes, due I believe to his being overweight, was a great shock.”

“I entered ‘BMI’ into a search engine and found myself on the Guardian website. I discovered that my BMI was 33, describing me as obese. I decided it was time to act.”

Bryan chose to follow the Gi diet plan; which included the principles of a low fat diet.

Just 8 months after registering for the Guardian programme Bryan has achieved a 4 stone loss and lost many inches.

“It is a milestone that I would have thought beyond my reach earlier this year. My neck size is back to just over 17 inches which is what it was throughout my early adult years.”

Bryan explains why controlling his portion sizes was a problem for him before joining the plan and how he has now changed his old habits with the help of the Guardian programme.

“I was brought up to believe that I had to eat everything on my plate and that wasting food was little short of criminal. I have changed my ideas considerably and adopted a more vegetarian approach. I favour stir-frying, using minimal amounts of oil and if eating more traditional fare, enjoy smaller portions.”

Although chronic osteoarthritis has limited the amount of exercise that Bryan can do, he still manages to incorporate low level activities into his every day routine

“Walking the dog has been my principle means of exercising, then cycling in the summer. I feel much more confident now that I have made a major step in prolonging the life of my artificial hips and shoulder implants by losing so much weight.”

Bryan feels years younger since losing weight, not least because he has reverted to the suit size he last wore 30 years ago.

“Not so long ago I had my best suit jacket let out and I have recently had them brought back in again. The tailor’s label in the dinner jacket says that it was made to measure in 1973 and is now a perfect fit again.”

Bryan’s trim new physique has boosted his confidence, health and lifestyle in countless ways. He can enjoy his retirement now content that he has done all he can to stay healthy and fit.

“I feel a sense of achievement that I have made a real step in improving my health and possibly prolonging my life.”

Losing weight is no easy task but everyone has the capacity to reach a healthy weight as long as they act on their desire.

“Whatever success I achieved is down to a combination of willpower and determination, driven by common sense.”

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