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Healthy recipes

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Healthy recipes

Say yes to snacks!

Is snacking between meals really the downfall to every diet? Is snacking Bad with a capital B and to be avoided at all costs? We can put you straight on another diet myth.

Cheese and bacon baked potato

A cheese and bacon baked potato is a truly delicious comforting meal that everyone will love.

The wine drinker's diet

Knocking back a glass of wine each day has long been linked to good health. That is, of course, as long as it’s one glass and not the entire bottle. Willow Lawson tells us about the benefits of a moderate alcohol intake.

Roast beef and alfalfa salad

For a special salad, grill some lean fillet or sirloin steak to your liking, cut into strips and serve warm.

Chocolate orange mousse

You may be following a healthy diet but you can still treat yourself to a chocolate dessert now and again.

Buckwheat berry pancakes

Why not try this fruity pancake recipe using buckwheat flour as a tasty alternative. You can add different toppings or try adding some dried fruit to the pancake batter.

Soy-glazed salmon

Delicious and super simple, try our Soy Glazed Salmon dish tonight. Spice it up with a mix of soy sauce, garlic and tomato puree.

Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin is possibly the most underestimated veggie out there. Pumpkin soup is delicious and a great way to use your leftover Halloween lantern.

Chicken and bacon risotto

Healthy, delicious and easy to follow chicken and bacon risotto recipe, 15 mins to prepare, 30 minutes to cook, serves 4 people.

Roasted pesto cod and Mediterranean vegetables

Roasted pesto cod is a Mediterranean inspired heart friendly dish. A quick and easy dish the whole family will enjoy.

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