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Diet plans

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Whether you are hoping to lose weight or simply eat more healthily, the Eat right programme will provide you with the personalised information and resources you need to meet your goals.

Choose from one of our 13 diet plans:

Lower salt plan

Why choose this diet?

  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Reduce fluid retention
  • Cook heart-healthy meals
  • Introduce your taste buds to new food flavours
Lower salt plan

More about this diet

Cutting your salt intake can be easier said than done as so any foods contain 'hidden' salt. In this plan, we help you make healthier, lower sodium choices. The low sodium diet uses fresh herbs, spices and other healthy, tasty foods for satisfying meals. To further reduce salt intake, select a recipe-based plan to avoid processed convenience foods that are higher in salt than fresh foods.

Sample menu items

  • Breakfast
    Wholemeal fruit scone with jam and fruit
  • Lunch
    Moroccan cous cous salad
  • Dinner
    Chicken pasta with cheese and spinach sauce, salad. Fruit mousse
  • Snack
    Frozen yoghurt with fruit

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